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7 Reasons Why Making Art is Good For Your Health

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Hello world!

I wanted to write an article about how art is important for one’s health as for me it was an important part of my recovery from the heavy stress and anxiety I had gone through at a time in my life. I seriously believe in the power of art! 😊

For those struggling with the same types of issues I recommend you try any creative activity or maybe you want to see an art therapist to release whatever needs to come out.

In this article I’m mostly taking painting as an example as this is what I know but it is applicable to most forms of art 😊.

1. It’s excellent for your mental health

A lot of people suffering from high levels of stressed have been recommended to start doing something creative, you want to know why? Because doing so reduces your stress and anxiety levels and it was even proven that it helps reducing depression! While you are focused painting, knitting, playing the drum, you are sort of entering a meditational phase where you stop thinking about your problems or fears. It is a safe place of relaxation where your mind can stop ruminating and is welcomed to enter a journey of creative peacefulness.

2. It boosts self-confidence

When you are a kid your parents put your drawings on the fridge and it makes you proud and happy. Why not give yourself that boost of self-confidence as a grown-up by making something you like and putting it up in your home? You'll get a great sense of accomplishment when hanging that masterpiece of yours! Again, we are not on the look for the next Picasso but at least it’s not IKEA’s art.

Making art also gives you a different way to express yourself through your creation, it is another way of speaking up for yourself or for a cause which ultimately boosts your self-esteem!

3. It exercises your brain

You thought you had to study math or learn chess to become a genius? Guess what, making art enhances brain functions! Researchers say the production of visual art improves interactions between part of the brain as well as it helps strengthen cognitive reserve, brain resilience and therefore helps in preventing memory loss! Think about it, when you are focused on a painting you have to concentrate details, lighting, shapes, colors and a lot more!

4. It stimulates your imagination

How can I express my feelings, my happiness, my anger...? You have to imagine all that, think about the colors, the materials, the characters, the story you want to tell...Making art gives you the opportunity to be creative and create a little world of your own. A world where you can invent anything you'd like - art challenges your imagination! It is extremely beneficial for your mental health to put that dream and creative machine to work.

5. There is no pressure

There is so much pressure in today's world! At work, at school, in our relationships...we have to perform, we have to be the best, get the best marks, get the highest degree, the best partner, be the best of much pressure!!! You know what doesn't need pressure? Making art, I know you had it 😉. There is absolutely no pressure here because you can do it only for yourself and there is nothing at stakes! Also it doesn't need to be perfect! Let's say you start painting. You don't need to do figurative painting and put a lot of pressure on yourself for it to be perfect, try abstract and just let it all out and have fun!! If you want to become Leonardo Da Vinci that is another task though 😊.

You can just be proud for doing something, kudos to you!

6. It opens you up to a new world

I would even add, it broadens your mind!

Say you start posting your work on social media, start doing exhibitions, selling your artwork, meeting other artists IRL and online. This will open you to a brand new world of possibilities and will broaden your circle of people sharing the same interests as you! As social animals, who doesn't like making new friends, especially if sharing the same passion and interests? You can only learn and grow as a person from all those encounters, it's all so positive!!! (Sorry I am getting excited about all the positive effects of art now that we are reaching the end of this article!!).

7. It gives you emotions

Don't you feel lighter and joyous while staring at a beautiful piece of art? When you see great colors, lights, all those emotions coming up. Art makes you FEEL. How great is that? Thank you art for making us have emotions while looking at it or creating it. It has been proven that art can actually raise the dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, the happiness hormones!

Let me know if you can think of more positive effects!

I hope this gave you the will to pick something up and start making art! It is not reserved to a few gifted people as we would like to think, it is accessible to all of us!

Within each of us lies a spark of creativity.

Thank you for reading this article! If you liked it make sure you sign up to my newsletter to be the first informed about more articles!


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