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Meet Elodie

French painter Elodie Maréchal is a self-taught abstract and intuitive artist. Her pieces capture her inspiration, emotions and energy in the moment through a combination of vibrant colours and painting textures. Using her own personal experience as a creative outlook, she creates unique and emotionally charged pieces.

"My paintings are a reflection of my emotions and personality. They are often joyful, dreamy and charged with emotions".

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Texture and materials

"I like to add texture and play with different sort of materials such as gold leaf, fabric, beads, sand, pills...It helps with the emotion or the message I am trying to send."

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Colours and energy

"My paintings are very colorful, these bright colors are a central element of my paintings. They help me with passing on the energy and emotion for each canvas".

'Good art is not what it looks like but what it does to us.'

- Roy Adzak

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Elodie Marechal Art

Artiste Peintre

8 Quai Mathiss

67000 Strasbourg

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